Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Kassidy....August 29,1999

Happy Birthday to my Princess Kassidy. 11 yrs ago today a little "Sunshine" was born. Princess Kassidy came into the world and made me a happy mommy. I am so pround of you and glad to be your mother.

Growning up so fast...5th grade and already a young lady .

Kassidy brightens everyroom with her big smile and happy go lucky attitude.

Loves to entertain everyone... Singing, Dancing or play the Viola

Happy Birthday Chad August 28th

Happy Birthday to the BEST Dad and Hubby in the world.

Thank you for all you do for our family. You always make sure we are ok and have everything we need. I could not ask for a better hubby and father to our kids. You mean the world to us. Love you Chad hope you had a wondeful birthday!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Taylor.....August 14,1996

Happy Birthday to my Queen Taylor. I am so proud of you and love you tons! She is always in style and is growing up to fast. You are a rainbow of colors and we love that about you.

Birthday at Ocean Blue...yummy Taylor loves to do family things and we love it too.

Best of friends....double trouble!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday to Baylee!!!!

8 years ago today a litle Star named Baylee was born!!! Baylee is a princess but can be a tomboy too!

Bells knows how to get down and dirty when she eats her bbq wings!!!

Baylee is a little fish when it comes to swimming

Baylee is sassy and cute

Bells you are such a sweet, loving, crazy, fun, shy yet flirty and we all love you!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to Cody!!!!

Cody turned 6 on December 31,2009!!!

Went to Applebee's for his Birthday dinner and they spoiled him and made it a Double

Code-man being silly and doing a half smile

Cody singing Happy Birthday to himself

Make a good he made a wish! Later that day he said,"mommy I wish that my Papa was here again and that my other papa aka Grandpa John wont ever leave me cause I would be sad and have no more Papa's."

Baylee told Cody I don't have any money so I wrote you a letter for you birthday present. Cody said, "it's ok Baylee I love it!"

Happy,helpful,sweet,nice,all boy,smart,kind,fun,playful and he is MY SON CODY! The list keeps going and going and going......

For the past 2 Birthdays he has asked for a beared drangon and I told him for his 6 birthday he could have one. I was thinking he wouldn't still want one and it was in a long time... I was wrong !!!He is 6 and he still wants one so he got one!

"Yes my favorite present...beared dragon
"Hawk my Buddy"

Happy Birthday to the Best Boy in the World! You will always be mommys little man!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Dad !!!

Happy Birthday to my Daddy on December 29th!!!

He is such a Good Grandpa To his grandchildren. Grandpa always has time to play games,have tickel time and gives the best hugs ever!!! Thank you for being the BEST GRANDPA EVER!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to Grandma Sue!!!

Happy Birthday to Grandma Sue on December 23.

We love you so much! You are such a sweet, loving, helpful, fun and the best grandma in the world!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fun weekend at theDunes with Good Friends!!!

Chad and Thad going for a ride and that means TROUBLE!!!

Cody out riding and scarying mommy with his tricks

Cody, Bo, Hunter taking a break

Kassidy and Emily are set to ride

Boys being boys

You girls have been caught...yummy ice cream

Part of the gang just chillen

Cody and Bo ready to ride

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Bradley Family...

My girls and I...Taylor-13, Kassidy-10, Baylee-7

The two most important men in my life...Chad and Cody-5

I live for my time is priceless!!!

Kassidy got to go in a limo with her friends for fun...dinner and desert!

Kassidy cheering for Red Mt ONLY because we live in the Red Mt area...GO MHS!!!LOL

Cody came running down the stairs and said I am Nacho

Taylor just being silly always ready for a laugh...

Baylee had twin day at school

Best of friends... brother and sister love

Nothing like a father and son love...they have a bond that is strong!!!

Bradley family is doing ok. We have had a rough couple months but our family is strong and it can only make us stronger by sticking together! I love my family and have learned that things can change so fast. FAMILY is my life and I want to keep my love ones close. When you loose a love one a piece if your heart is broken and gone. It hurts, you feel lost at times and don't know what to do....I want my family to know I love them and that they are my life. I also want my extend family to know I love them too.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


On Wednesday September 16, 2009 at 4:12pm Dad Bradley (father-in-law) passed away.

Some of his hobbies were playing pool,golfing but most of all it was his grandchildren


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Needs prayers and a miracle!

At this time we need all the prayers for Dad Bradley. Starting Thursday he went in for surgery for his colon and ended up having a bad heart attack. Thing spiraled down from there, he was air vac to heart hospital on Friday evening. Things did not seem to get better and Sunday morning at 2:00 he coded twice was put on life support and more med and kidneys and liver shut down everything was going wrong. was put on dialysis it did not seem to work so air vac to another hospital this time to Mayo Monday evening. He coded again and is on many machines.Life support and medicene are keeping him alive foe now has is also put out so he can not move. He is in need of a heart transplant. Now it is a waiting game. So PLEASE pray!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy 10th Birthday Kassidy!!! 8-29-99

10 yrs ago a Princess was born....Kassidy Kameron Bradley

Always ready for the camera with a smile....

Ya I'm silly but cute at the same time...

Double trouble....

3 peas in a to be together....

Good Morning is your Birthday...

Kassidy is the life of the party.....always having fun

Kassidy wanted bananas splits with Ocean Blue for her birhday....

Queen...Princess...Diva...3 best sisters

Watch out world here they come.....


Love to take pictures...

My cousins spent the night for my birthday fun....

We love you Kassidy hope you had a good Birthday!!!

Kassidy you light up every room you walk into with your big smile, brown eyes and happy attitude. I love you for who you are and am so proud of you.You are so helpful and always put others first.You want to make sure everyone is happy and having a good time. Kassidy loves to dance, sing, cheer and perform for any and everyone. You are my sunshine and I love you so much my beautiful princess!!!